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Tatianna has held a passion for dance and community for over 20 years. She combines her professional and artistic background in order to bring Middle Eastern dance to others. Tatianna’s dance training includes Persian folkloric, ballet, tap, ballroom, Middle Eastern styles, jazz and modern. She participates in the Middle Eastern dance community by being a performer, stage manager, producer, director, and creative designer in Austin and worldwide. In fact, Tatianna spent two years working with world known performer Jillina and her dance company Belly Dance Evolution (BDE) as a tour manager and technical director visiting six countries.

Tatianna’s professional career is an IT Project Manager specializing in software design and implementation for Cirrus Logic Inc., which is located in downtown Austin. She has organized a wider variety of events as a professional, including conventions, workshop weekends and public training seminars. During her employment with National Notary Association, Tatianna served as the Convention Administration Manager for the annual member’s convention, which hosted over 2000 from various locations from around the United States. Tatianna holds a BS and MFA in Business Management. Additionally, she is a part of the Big Brother/Big Sister program as a Mentor and also volunteers with several organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and at the Ronald McDonald House.