The Austin Belly Dance Convention Registration Policies

By signing up and purchasing your workshop tickets,  you agree to all of the ABDC registration policies listed below.  

Accessible Document of Registration Policies


Registration Policies

 Please read the following Registration Policies before registering for the ABDC workshops and shows.


See Registration for on-line prices.


Workshop packages may only be used by one registrant.

Workshop package registrants will receive a form to sign up for specific workshops.

Registrants have 72 hours to return the form to confirm their specific workshops.

After 72 hours, registrants will be on a first come first serve status.


Please fill out the on-line form to place your name on the ABDC Wait List.

Wait List is first come first serve.

If a requested space becomes available, you will have 48 hours to confirm and purchase spot.

Refunds, Tranfers, Cancellations, and Installments

Refunds, transfers, and cancellation are only available in accordance with the ABDC Policy.

Behavior Policy

The ABDC reserves the right to refuse admission to workshops or shows if a participant’s behavior jeopardizes the safety or learning of other participants, workshop leaders and any ABDC representatives. No refund will be issued.


Everyone will be required to sign a hard copy of the ABDC liability waiver at the convention.


I realize that participation in workshops, rehearsals, performances, and other activities could involve some possible personal injury. Despite precautions, accidents, injuries, permanent disabilities, and death may occur. I agree to assume all risks, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, related to the use of any and all spaces used by the Releasees (including the ABDC’s owners, teachers, dancers, employees, representatives, agents, staff, volunteers, and facilities and their heirs, executors and administrators) and Holiday Inn and its parent company, InterContinental Hotels Group PLC during the Austin Belly Dance Convention, June 27, 2019 through June 30, 2019.


I agree to release and hold harmless the Releasees from any cause of action, claims, or demands now and in the future. I will not hold the Releasees liable for any personal injury, any personal property damage, or any losses which may occur on the premises before, during, or after attendance, transportation of equipment related to the activities, and traveling to and from the ABDC location. It is my responsibility to inspect performance and instruction area and report any cause for concern to the Releasees. Furthermore, I agree to obey the production and facility rules and take full responsibility for my behavior in addition to any damage I may cause to the facilities utilized by the Releasees.


I, for due consideration, hereby grant permission to the Releasees photograph and videotape my workshops and performances from the ABDC at the Holiday Inn - Midtown, 6000 Middle Fiskville Road, Austin, TX 78752, June 28, 2019 through June 30, 2019 for documentation and promotional purposes. I hereby grant to the Releasees the use my photograph and photographic likeness, and, or reproduction thereof, in whatever capacity as they see fit, including, but not limited to illustrations, advertisements, and videos for documentation and promotional purposes. I reserve the right to use video of this performance for personal promotional purposes if desired. Should the video be used for anything other than private use by the Releasees or any party, I require immediate notification and first right of refusal. The Releasees agrees to responsibly notify participants and police event for unauthorized videotaping and/or use of video distributed for sale.


By filling application for the ABDC, I do hereby affirm and acknowledge the Performances policy. I have read this liability and fully understand its terms and agree to it freely and voluntarily without any inducement.

Participation by Minors

Student and parent/legal guardian understand and expressly assume all risks involved in connection with dance instruction and training at the Austin Belly Dance Convention including but not limited to risk of bodily injury occurring as a result of contact with other students, instructors, walls, equipment, floors, structures, poles, and other objects located in or near dance studios, or the student's physical condition or physical limitations. It is understood that dance instruction and performance is a physical activity and art form. It may be necessary for instructors to place hands on the student for proper placement and correction of body alignment. Student and parent waive all claims arising out of instruction and training at the Austin Belly Dance Convention, whether caused by the negligence, breach of contract, or otherwise, and whether for bodily injury, property damage or loss or otherwise, which student may have against the Releasees.


I, the parent/legal guardian of the minor participant, requests and authorizes that in his/her absence, the participant may be admitted to any hospital or medical facility for diagnosis and treatment and authorizes physicians, or other such licensed professionals, to perform any diagnostic procedures, treatment procedures, operative procedures and x-ray treatment of the participant. There is no guarantee as to the results of examination or treatment. Parent/legal guardian authorizes the Releasees to act for the participant according to their best judgment in providing or arranging for emergency care in any emergency situation requiring medical attention. I also hold the Releasees harmless in such an event.


By filling out the ABDC Performer Application, I do hereby affirm and acknowledge the Performer policy. I have read this liability and fully understand its terms and agree to it freely and voluntarily without any inducement.

Nondiscriminatory Policy

The Austin Belly Dance Convention complies with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and all other applicable federal, state and local employment laws, and does not unlawfully discriminate because of age, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation in any term, condition, privilege, employment, program, or service.


We look forward to reading your application! The Austin Belly Dance Convention.