Born in San Antonio, Nephri has had a life-long love of folkloric dance. She began studying traditional Irish folk dance at four. Ten years later, when the group disbanded, she began developing an interest in industrial music and alternative forms of artistic expression. Shortly after moving to New Orleans, she first began exploring the world of belly dance. After years of tutelage in Cabaret, Egyptian, and Turkish styles, she discovered Tribal and Fusion belly dance. She currently teaches American Tribal Style® as a registered sister studio of FatChanceBellyDance®. She is also the director and lead choreographer of Totem, an ATS® and Tribal Fusion performance group.

Nephri was a regular DJ in New Orleans for four years, and upon returning Texas, has continued to DJ and hosted events at Austin's premiere alternative nightclub, Elysium. She has performed several times with the band, Stoneburner. Consequently, she has partnered with Distortion Productions to produce a CD of alternative music for belly dancers to be released Summer of 2016. She regularly volunteers with The Austin Belly Dance Convention, Cabaret Dance Camp, The New York Theatrical Belly Dance Convention, as well as local belly dance productions and events throughout Central Texas. No stranger to working with large conventions, she has volunteered with DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the largest pop-culture and science fiction conventions in the country, for the past eight years. She is now one of the Senior Managers of Operations for their technical department.