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April Rose is a bellydance teacher and performer living in Austin, Texas.

She shares her life's work through her training program, Bellydance Cohesion, in which she teaches movement, music, and research that highlights the timeless beauty and modern versatility of bellydance. She is grateful to have been invited to teach dance in over 20 countries.

April earned a master’s degree in Culture, Performance, and Dance in 2012 from the University of California at Los Angeles, where she investigated bellydance history and was trained in choreographic method as well as a variety of dance disciplines.

Since her bellydance studies began in 1999 with Daleela Morad in Sacramento, California she has enjoyed touring with many classic and fusion artists, including UNMATA and Bellydance Superstars. 

April directed Rose Movement Studio in Austin from 2013 to 2018 where she developed a passion for hand percussion, gained valuable lessons on teaching and leadership, and made many cherished memories.

She likes to take a thoughtful, rigorous, and playful approach to teaching dance which is shaped by her mentors and loved ones. They include her mother and studio director Ann DaPrato, her fusion teacher and friend Amy Sigil, her bellydance idol Aziza, her somatics teacher Dixie Metz, her graduate advisor Vic Marks, as well as friends, students, and colleagues from Rose Movement and beyond.

If you would like to study with April Rose, please see her tour schedule at www.AprilRose.Dance and check out the online dance classes she offers (including Bellydance Cohesion Technique Drills) at For more info on Bellydance Cohesion trainings, in particular, please visit

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