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Sa'diyya at the Austin Belly Dance Convention
Friday, June 24: 4:00-6:00 pm: Cabaret Combinations: Egyptian and Lebanese Stylings

Learn the differences between Egyptian and Lebanese styles of Belly dance. Sa'diyya, who is well versed in many different styles of Belly dance, will teach short combinations that help you understand the soft melodic fluidity of Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and the sharp, percussive, and repetitive nature of Lebanese Belly dance! 
Skill level: All levels.

Saturday, June 25: 1:00-3:00 pm: How to Critique Yourself: A Checklist and Ideas

How do you critique yourself honestly and objectively? And NOT beat yourself up or compare yourself to others in a negative way? This is one of the most difficult things to do as an artist. Sa’diyya will show you how by using her 20 years of experience and constant drive to be a better dancer than the day before. Be prepared to interact in some creative exercises!
Bring a notebook, pen, and open mind to this lecture workshop. 
Skill level: All levels.

Sunday, June 26: 9:30 am-12:30 pm: Egyptian Essence: Technique, Combos, & Choreography

Egyptian style Belly Dance has its own characteristics and subtleties. The ever changing Modern Egyptian Raqs Sharqi style has its roots in certain mannerisms of movement. Sa’diyya will lead you in the exploration of that “Egyptian Essence” by examining both classical and modern Belly dance movement vocabulary, musicality, and stylization. You will apply these concepts into a beautiful Egyptian style choreography by the conclusion of this 3-hour workshop!
Bring a veil. 
Skill level: Intermediate on up.

Sa'diyya at the Austin Belly Dance Convention

Sa'diyya's charismatic, energetic, and culturally authentic performances have made her a popular artist in the world of Raqs Sharqi throughout the United States and beyond! She is a full time professional performer, instructor, event producer, costume designer, and owner of North Texas School of World Dance based in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. Her latest project is a professionally produced line of downloadable Belly dance classes called, "Sa'diyya Online!" Sa'diyya's exciting and memorable signature style of Belly dance is a dramatic yet jazzy mixture of American Cabaret with a heavy modern Egyptian Raqs Sharqi influence. She also specializes in various folkloric and fusion styles of Belly dance.

Watch Sa'diyya in Action!