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Djahari at the Austin Belly Dance Convention

Photo: Jeremy Tressler

www.DJAHARI.com www.DESERTSIN.com
Friday, June 24: 4:00-6:00 pm: Dancing With Story

An introduction to Director of Desert Sin, Djahari Clark’s, expressive approach to dance theater. You will learn a segment of Desert Sin’s “Scylla” choreography, with the opportunity to perform the piece during the ABDC Showcase! Using one of Desert Sin’s more accessible choreographies, explore new ways of approaching your own compositions while learning to fuse new dance styles and character development into your own Middle Eastern Dance training.
Skill level: All levels.

Djahari at the Austin Belly Dance Convention

Photo: Jeremy Tressler

Djahari Clark creates original productions grounded in storytelling while emphasizing Middle Eastern and Modern dance. Her focus on humanizing folklore has evolved into unique stories that personify the human struggle against boundaries, real and imagined. With a strong background in theater, Persian Ballet (Pars National Ballet Company), and Middle Eastern dance, she has traveled the world as a director and performer. Djahari continues to produce collaborative productions and directs Desert Sin (Founder) in New York, as well as performs solo, and as a guest artist in other companies.

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